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We are a family owned and operated business in Sweet Home Alabama.   
We manufacture cushions for Wicker, Rattan , Wood , Wrought Iron & PVC.
  We also do special order cushions for persons that have trouble finding
such things as  Window seat cushions, Benches, chairs and much more.
My Mother and Father started this business about 20 years ago by
accident.  He (my Dad) was retired from the Air Force and wanting a
hobby, went to a trade school for upholstery and started doing upholstery
for friends and family.  My Brother-in-law was working for a company that
imported Wicker & Rattan furniture from overseas, and asked my Dad if he
could come up with a cushion that would fit this furniture and he & my
mother just kept it going.  My father was a wonderful teacher, he taught
me how to make the patterns and my mother taught me to sew and now I
have been doing this for about 18 years.  My Mother still has her business,
she kept it going after my Father passed away.  I have branched off with
my Husband and  my wonderful mother-in-law and we do all of the special
orders and a line of in-stock standard cushions, which you will see on the
other pages of this web site.
Our promise is to produce each cushion with the best quality, fabrics and
filler with the best prices and in the shortest amount of time.
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