With so many different glider
rockers on the market,  the
cushions vary in all shapes and
sizes.  To help you get the right
measurements for the cushion that
you are wanting replaced,  we
have drawn each shape.  The lines
from dot to dot indicate where you
should measure.
Glider Rocker Cushions
In order for us to make your replacement cushions for your
Glider Rocker, we will need the follow measurements and

Seat Cushion >  What is the shape of the seat cushion?  Bell
shape, T-shape or Rectangle?
                    Width at the very front of the seat cushion
                     Width at the center (side to side)
                    Width at the back of the seat
                     Depth front to back
   Front of seat to first arm post
                     Will you need ties at the back of the seat
All seat cushions are 3” thick, if you require a thicker seat
cushion, please let us know, a $10.00 additional fee will be
required for every extra inch of thickness.

Back Cushion >  What is the shape of your back cushion?  
Round, squared or ?
                      Width at the widest point
                      Width at the narrowest point
                       Height from top to bottom
                       For snaps or Velcro, how far apart are they
All back cushions are 2.5” thick, if you require a thicker back
cushion a additional fee of $10.00 will be required for every
extra layer of fiber.

Ottoman Cushion – Width (side to side)
                           Depth (front to back)
If your ottoman is upholstered on to the ottoman frame, then
you will need 1 yard of fabric so that you can staple the
fabric on to your frame.

Arm Pads – Front to back
              Top to bottom
              What is the width of the arm rail?
Width at widest point
Width at narrowest
Height top to bottom
Width in between ties